Rule of Law Foundation funds research projects that are consistent with, and arise out of, our non-profit mission.

We do not fund capital projects or general operations for any organization. We only fund research projects.

We fund individuals, teams, educational institutions, and companies nationwide, but they must be bona fide professionals in their respective field(s). Additionally, one may apply, if one’s research will be performed outside the United States.

The application process can take up to eight months. The review process for letters of intent can be approximately one to eight weeks. The time between a more robust application submission and notification can take about six months.

As long as one continues to meet the eligibility requirements, one may resubmit an application up to two times.

All awards are subject to availability of funds at the Rule of Law Foundation on the grant commencement date. Grants are subjected to an annual review. The Board of Directors reviews all grant applications and makes decisions on them regularly.

There is no deadline. We accept applications, and make decisions on them, on a rolling basis.

To begin the application process, please submit an initial letter of intent to us via email at